It's a Privilege to Support Brilliant & Passionate Teams
With over a decade of experience working with a variety endeavors, it is truly a privilege to support a handful of entrepreneurs in an advisory capacity. This grants me the opportunity to participate in ground-breaking endeavors.

Time is one's most valuable asset. And those who use it well, could be considered wealthy. I have dedicated a limited amount of my time and energy to a handful of select entrepreneurial endeavors.

JumpRope – Current Advisor
If A is for awesome and F for fail, is C for clearly outdated? JumpRope is making grades irrelevant. As schools continue to seek progressive solutions to the challenges in today’s urban classrooms, they often face a difficult decision between creativity and order. JumpRope believes that great education comes through great educators who are able to engage students with active pedagogy, purposeful planning, and authentic learning experiences.

Over the last 2 years, I've been actively involved with JumpRope in a variety of capacities, including renaming the company, brand strategy & positioning, mentoring a member of the executive team, helping to develop the investors pitch for a capital raise, recruiting top talent, and enjoying the very occasional beer with the team.

Freelybe – Current Advisor
Freelybe is redefining night life by giving an individual a platform that enables one to transform their social life into social investment. Many who are socially responsible donate to charity so they can check off that moral check-box in their head that says “you were responsible.” Freelybe however, believes in something much greater: social investment.

Socially-invested individuals are closely tied to the progress and results of their donation, or investment. While this seems to require more time, money, and effort, it actually just requires a different approach. As a liaison between non-profits and corporations, FreelyBe works to enhance the former by improving their business and marketing models, and the latter by improving their social investment strategy.

As a Sweat Venture, I’ve worked with the co-founders to crystallize their vision, refine the business model design, provide executive coaching, and consult on strategic development. We’ve recently launched the initial phase of the business, and are excited as we work through the evolving the company.

Handful of Aspiring Entrepreneurs – Current Advisor
At the moment, I'm actively working with a few select aspiring entrepreneurs to help them crystalize their vision and focus on near term, achievable opportunities. Much more info coming on these endeavors very soon.

Monthly Design Review – Past Advisor
Monthly Design Review was a regular meeting for designers, architects, creatives, artists, entrepreneurs, non-profits and anyone that attended.. Our ongoing discussions on design theories and practices addressed topics well beyond industry needs and trends. We raise questions about the value, power and purpose of design. Directing the group from passive conversation to actionable execution of project work, Monthly Design Review began identifying and engaging non-profits so that, as a group, we could serve the needs of organizations passionately pursuing effectual change. With a core group in New York City of 40+ members, we hoped Monthly Design Review could execute highly creative and impactful projects. As an active advisor, the goal was for MDR to simultaneously serve as a think tank for Big New Ideas, a social design agency that was also co-founded by Tino Chow, the founder of Monthly Design Review.

For a year and a half, I worked with the founding team and volunteers to strategically grow the endeavor in order to build an authentic community environment across multiple disciplines. I actively helped to develop, promote, lead, and coordinate regular events ranging in attendance from 15 to 115, which I hosted at the Salt Space.

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