Supporting Entrepreneurs

Transforming Inspiration into Enterprise
At Barnum, we’re on a mission to help the pioneers of the next great economy challenge convention and make an impact. More than a creative team, Barnum is an ecosystem of entrepreneurial minded people who excel in their area of expertise and delight in collaborating with business people, artists, engineers, marketers, and innovators of all stripes. We are life-time students, passionate teachers, and enthusiastic citizens.

At Barnum, we’re building the next great endeavors to help shape the future of our economy.

Inspired Business
True innovation happens when inspiration is forged into a new product or business. Bringing a new endeavor to life requires a unique combination of guts, smarts, and stamina. At Barnum, we’ve focused our business on the unique needs of those who are brave enough to take on the challenge of transforming their inspiration into a successful enterprise. Whether you're part of a nascent start up or the leader of an established business seeking a transformation, our team is ready to make your challenge our own.

Expansive Expertise
While our principal expertise is in communication arts and sciences, our team is made up of individuals with wide experience beyond their current core role. A web developer with a musical background, a designer with a degree in physics; these are just a few examples of the wide range of knowledge we bring to bear in order to better understand unique business models. In turn, that deeper understanding provides the raw material we use to sculpt compelling, creative, and engaging strategies.

The Empire view from the office.
A peak into the brilliant mind of one of the Barnum team.

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