Supporting Entrepreneurs

Transforming Inspiration into Enterprise
At Barnum, we’re on a mission to help the pioneers of the next great economy challenge convention and make an impact. More than a creative team, Barnum is an ecosystem of entrepreneurial minded people who excel in their ... Learn More

At Barnum, we’re building the next great endeavors to help shape the future of our economy.


It's a Privilege to Support Brilliant & Passionate Teams
With over a decade of experience working with a variety endeavors, it is truly a privilege to support a handful of entrepreneurs in an advisory capacity. This grants me the opportunity to participate in ground-breaking endeavors. Learn More

Time is one's most valuable asset. And those who use it well, could be considered wealthy. I have dedicated a limited amount of my time and energy to a handful of select entrepreneurial endeavors.


Always Enjoy a Good Discussion
Whether part of a panel, speaking on discovering passion or leading a small discussion, it is always a privilege to connect with a group. And honestly, I’ve never met a stranger! Over the last few years, I had the honor to speak at the Yale School of Art, Brown University, various companies and events in New York. Learn More

Most often my talks & discussions focus on discovering & acting on one's personal passion, practically transforming ideas into enterprise.

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