Process of Learning

The acquisition of knowledge gained in experience
Intelligence is defined as the capacity for learning. The concept of learning is open to interpretation, and as with any concept, one chooses how to interpret it’s connotation. It is therefore important to truly understand the definitive points of said concept, prior to presumptive interpretation. Learn More

“Language is power. Do not be deceived by the synonymic lies of our culture.”

Understanding Passion

The Original Definition
Passion is word dispensed with great frequency and minimal repute. Language is powerful, yet we often neglect its inherent value through lax usage and ill perceived context. At times it seems a cultural imperative to dismiss the truths once defined in our common vernacular. Learn More

Frankl’s theory holds that our primary drive in life is not personal pleasure, as Freud maintained, but the discovery and pursuit of that which we find meaningful.

Exercising Capacity

A Simple Formula
To put it simply, intelligence is the capacity for learning. The amount of information one learns does not define one’s intelligence. If one’s capacity is slim or expansive, so is their level of intelligence. As a formula, it would be expressed as ... Learn More

The more capacity one develops, the greater the results.

Avoid an Insect Life

In life, work, and play it is imperative that we improvise. That we imagine. That we are resourceful. And that we are willing. The lens with which we view our world, and ultimately ourselves, acutely affects not only what we see in each day but also ... Learn More

It's passion. Success or failure is dependent. That is one fine line.

Defy Ventures

To challenge or dare a person to do something deemed impossible.
Tuesday night in a nondescript classroom at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in Manhattan, a select group of entrepreneurs and business executives spent their evening coaching a group of aspiring entrepreneurs. Sounds normal enough. One minor detail to highlight ... All of the aspiring entrepreneurs have criminal histories. Learn More

Many former drug dealers and gang leaders share similar skill sets and talents with top business leaders.

BWxD Conference Follow Up

Transforming Inspiration Into Enterprise Workshop
At Barnum, our vision is to help entrepreneurs transform inspiration into enterprise. And last weekend we had the unique opportunity to partner with A Better World by Design Conference, and lead a workshop where entrepreneurs... Learn More

The conference was a fantastic experience. Everyone on the panel had a great time, and we had the privilege of meeting many, many people.

The Wood Shop Formula

My philosophy on entrepreneurship, strategy, and design
In my father’s wood shop I learned many, many lessons. Most of which I took for granted. Until my early-twenties, I always viewed my experiences in the wood shop for simply what they were ... Learn More

Quite often our personal desire out weighs the other variables, therefore inhibiting an actual outcome.

Grit + Faith

A Powerful Combination
Working with entrepreneurs is truly a privilege, and I’ve learned from many while helping build various endeavors. There are many traits that set apart the entrepreneur from just another in the crowd. Learn More

"The reasonable man adapts himself to the world: the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man."

Growing up in the Workshop

Started Out Early
It’s winter, just before my fourth birthday. I clamber onto a metal folding chair with a scrap piece of wood in hand. Before my skinny fingers is the tearing blade of an old, rusty bandsaw. Learn More

It was in my father's workshop that I discovered and began to develop my philosophy on entrepreneurship, strategy, and design.

Better World by Design

Workshop: Transforming Ideas into Enterprise
At Barnum, we help entrepreneurs transform ideas into enterprise. This September at Better World by Design, we’ll be hosting a fast-paced workshop where entrepreneurs pitch their big idea to a panel of seasoned individuals... Learn More

Given Barnum’s investment strategy and venture acceleration, each final participant will have the opportunity to be considered for one of our Sweat Ventures for 2013.

Salt Space NYC

Developing Authentic Community
In New York City, many have become accustomed to a lifestyle of anonymity. We pass thousands of neighbors everyday, rub shoulders with them on the subway, stand silently next to them in an elevator, and yet we often allow ... Learn More

In 16 months we held over 150+ events and hosted over 10,000+ people. We built countless relationships during that time with our team of volunteers, curators, poets, artists, musicians, film makers, non-profits and many more.

Building a Team

Never Underestimate the Importance, nor the Time
One of the most important and difficult aspects of any entrepreneurial endeavor is building the right team. It’s no easy task! If you’re just starting out as an entrepreneur, do not underestimate the time, effort, and ultimately the ... Learn More

I believe that a business can be built as a platform where the passions' of the individual team members are, in fact, the most profitable aspect of the business. Simply because when a person walks in their passion, they help change the world.

NoDa Film Festival

Building Culture and Community Through Film
In the heart of an eclectic arts district, on the outskirts of a town that exists as the nation's banking capital, the NoDa Film Festival's goal was to raise cultural awareness through film. Film that most would never see otherwise. Learn More

Film, as an artistic expression, can alter one’s view of the world in an instant. In a few flickering frames.

Beauty Photo Shoot

Always Enjoy These Collaborations with the ReCollective
Hanging out with old friends, and making new ones ... All in a day's work on set, having a good time. Here's a few selects of Brittany from last weekend's shoot. There's a lot of editing & retouching to knock out, just need time. Learn More

The ReCollective always knows how to have a great time, pull off some amazing concepts, and we always have one goal ... Helping someone with the shoot.

If You Can't Stand the Heat

Growing Up Helping in the Kitchen
While I did spend much of my time as a child in the wood shop with my father, I spent as much in the kitchen with my mother. I was a good helper! But more importantly, my mother is an amazing chef. I learned a great deal. Learn More

Helping my mother in the kitchen taught me more than just to chop vegetables or boil water, I learned the importance of proper planning, resource allocation, and timing. Timing is key!

Dive In! The Water's Nice.

Your Effort Makes It
If you walk out to the end of a diving board and just stand there, not much will happen. The diving board will simply flex under your weight. If you walk out to the end of a diving board and just stand there, not much will happen. Learn More

The value of an opportunity is based wholly on what one puts into it, not what one expects in return.

Evaluating Worth

The Standard of Measure
Is it worth it? Is what we do with our life worth it? Of course it is! We wouldn’t do something if it wasn’t worth it for us individually. But what if we did?. What if our lives were committed to a point that personal worth was irrelevant. Learn More

What if our lives were committed to a point of resolve that personal worth was irrelevant? Now that, I call grit.

Off The Cuff Boot Strap Shoot

Making it Work!
It is always a fun challenge when you need a shot for a client project, but you have no budget, no real props, no studio time, not site scouting. Nothing but a favor, the office, and half an hour! Learn More

A big thanks to the extremely talented, and stunningly beautiful Elizabeth Davis Richard for donating her time!

Persuasion vs Purpose

Brands Interact with People
In the end, many brand strategies attempt to merely persuade. To influence a purchasing decision. A great deal of thought, time, & resources are consumed (wasted) in order to persuade. To manipulate behavior and to inform a decision. Learn More

Since brands interact with people, and the most important aspect of an individual is his purpose, then how can a brand tie into that purpose.

An Equal Share

Time Does Not Simply Disappear
Time is invaluable. Time is constant and never-changing. We all have an equal share. Those who use it well could be considered wealthy. So, spend it wisely.
Learn More

The beauty of time is that we are all granted an equal share. Time has no prejudice. And time resets with each day – a gift to us all.

Measuring Commitment

Entrepreneurs Leverage Everything, Risking it All
Measuring commitment is difficult. Is it important to quantify one's passion, interest, willingness? The burning flames of passion can be doused with a little water. Interest fades with burden. Willingness looses it's resiliency.
Learn More

There is only one simple question to answer. Are you willing to give it all up in order to find and fulfill that calling in your life that's deep down in your gut?

Searching for Purpose

Evil is What Separates Us from Purpose
I heard a great man say that "evil is what separates us from purpose." That statement hit me square between the eyes. It rattled my thoughts; bounced around in mind for weeks. I still continue to contemplate this concept. Learn More

Be cautious of that which distracts you from the realities of our world. There are innumerable challenges and problems in our world. Opportunity is abundant.

False Gods of Change

Design of Our Culture
Our culture has been poorly designed without much intent beyond economic dominance. A dominance without concern for consequence. While no single entity is necessarily responsible for this condition, many contribute. Learn More

In short, if you’re looking for the world to change, then it’s quite simple. Be the change you want to see.

Synonymic Lies of Our Culture

Language is Power
Our vocabulary has grown greatly in the last century. However, meaning has become diluted. Not as much by Webster, but by the collective consciousness of our culture. Learn More

Language is variant, and meaning is based on context. Be cautious of deceiving language.

Collective Shootout

Working with Friends
There are days when I think I should drop everything and pursue photography. That'll never happen, but yesterday was a good day. Collaborated with some of the most creatively talented people I have the pleasure of knowing. Last night was the first Collective Shoot Out. Something, I believe, we'll have to continue indefinitely. Learn More

The best work is always accomplished by doing good work with good people ... It's all about the people!

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