Case Studies

Over the last decade I've helped co-create and kickstart eight endeavors, and have actively supported 80+ entrepreneurial ventures ranging from early stage start-ups with high-growth potential to mature businesses looking to capitalize on arising opportunities in the marketplace. Below are a few select case studies.


Transforming a ten year old freelance operation into an agency accelerating entrepreneurship.

Eli Draws

Building the world’s greatest children’s brand that is, in fact, created by a child.

Deeply Rooted

Crafting the best go to market strategy for a startup entering a crowded category.


Liberating the power of thought to benefit society.


Creating a cohesive brand strategy that transcends the cluttered, fragmented category.


Redefining a user experience and interface to properly establish core function and value proposition.

Passion Projects

There are many projects pursued, but only a few that stand out. Only a few that built into an adventure greater than expected. These passion projects are experiments and explorations into challenges just to see what might happen.

Baker+Brown Co

An experiment to build a consumer products company that supports entrepreneurs.

Salt Space NYC

Creating an environment to restore and foster relationships within our communities.

NoDa Film Festival

Building culture and community through film.


Over the last decade, with the need to better tell stories, understanding photography and video became a requirement. As a self-taught photographer and occasional film maker, I always enjoy pulling together a visual narrative to support an endeavor.


I've had the privilege of photography many wonderful people!


The adventure of a lifetime. Two month-long trips to a wonderland in South East Asia.

Still Life

Objects, props, styling, lighting, hours of time, and resourcefulness. All for the right shot!

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