Neil Brown

Ideas are the enemy.





Ideas have no inherent value independent of execution. Edison said it best, “the value of an idea is in the using of it.” For more than fifteen years, my work (and life) has thrived at the intersection of creativity and entrepreneurship.

It has been a privilege to lead the development of multiple brands, products and services that have generated hundreds of millions in investment capital and revenue for early-stage and mature companies.





Case Studies and Select Projects

I partner with leaders, change-agents and innovators of all stripes to serve, build and lead cross-disciplinary teams as we create preferred futures — driving immediate outputs and long-term outcomes. I bring ideas to life.

It has been a privilege to work with more than one hundred entrepreneurial endeavors, a handful of large-scale corporations, countless brilliant creatives and many non-profits.


The value of an idea lies in the using of it.

Thomas Edison

Founder of Edison Laboratory





Article Series: Featuring the leaders of the creative economy.

I have been fortunate to meet agents of change all over the U.S. and am consistently amazed at the ambitions of those crafting our collective future. Throughout my travels, I am meeting new individuals, telling their stories and how their efforts are shaping a developing thesis on the future of the creative economy.