Case Study: Spectrum

Globally networked agency of diverse creatives and influencers.

  • Established a global talent network of thousands of creatives, photographers, content creators and influencers.
  • Secured project work with top agencies and global brands.
  • Gained weekly audience reach over 50 million.




Spectrum helps brands tell diverse stories. Our world-class team specializes in socially driven, brand content. We partner with organizations, media outlets and individuals to craft dynamic stories that captivate the imagination of our collective audience in the tens of millions.


Can we develop an ecosystem and platform that equitably empowers talent to co-create while realizing their individual goals?





Starting Point

With zero capital, catalyzing required a limited scope and a simplistic, focused go-to-market. The first steps were clear: organize top talent and quantify audience reach, define value proposition and sellable product/service, generate creative spec campaigns, pitch, close, deliver. Develop case studies. Rinse and repeat to increase contracts and revenue.

By instantly securing new business at higher contract values, we were able to broaden and deepen the talent network, partner with large communities of global creators, and attract larger clients.

Serve Existing Talent Networks

From day one, we tapped into the communities that are currently thriving, relationally driven, and highly collaborative. Existing networks have self-organized and typically use platform tools to create ecosystems that mutually benefit the participants — bad actors opt or self-select out. Therefore, the focus was to serve those groups with advice, counsel, new business opportunities, weekend retreats, and more.

Establish Supply and Demand

Originated a growing pipeline of clients while continuing to nurture talent in order to cultivate the network which in turns rapidly expands the total audience and reach — critical for brands and campaign success.


Neil does not f*** about. No question.

Aundre Larrow

Director & Photographer
Recent Adobe Creative Resident





Key Outcomes Delivered

Business Development

Developed a robust client list, collaborating with some of the largest brands and agencies in the world. Secured new business opportunities for the talent network and communities.


Out of the gate, consistently increased (5-10x) contract value for talent above their typical opportunity. Drove top-line revenue to six figures in the first six months.


Established global network of creative talent and integrated partnerships with two successful creative communities. Weekly reach easily surpassed 50+ million.




Diverse narratives reflect our world.

Spectrum is a collaborative group of talented, ethnically diverse photographers, content creators and influencers that are acutely in tune with the large audience we are cultivating. By working with our team, companies and agencies are able to gain a broad perspective on their brands that ultimately communicates a more realistic story that accurately reflects our world.




Areas of

Areas of Responsibility

Brand creation with a focus on highlighting the talent, their creative work and content; development of all messaging and copywriting, site design and development, pitch and campaign creation, etc.

Driving force of go-to-market strategy, business development and sales, etc. Pipeline creation and new business development; implementation of management tools.

All aspects of the project lifecycle administration: contract and scope negotiation, billing, budget development, project management, reporting and analysis, recap presentations for brands and agencies, etc.


Be curious,
not judgemental.

Walt Whitman






Key Learnings

Talent is Broad

Every individual is truly unique with a valuable perspective, yet one’s talent is broader than the ability to execute their craft. Today, these types of creatives are more akin to independent media companies than simply a photographer.

While high quality creative is critically important, talent must also have the capacity for problem solving, growing their network, managing their audience and community, and most importantly own the ambition of developing their overall personal and professional goals as a business. The individuals that understand this multiplicity are the accelerators — the interpreters of the emergent trends and action the opportunities.

Fragmented Incentives

Teamwork makes the dream work. And while the network of talent and core team were all exceptional and excellent individuals, we were too broadly distributed. Each individual had their own, very unique set of incentives and goals: creative development, transitioning out of a full time job, more revenue, bigger projects, more collaboration, traveling more, less administration, etc. etc. Across the network, these competing priorities certainly hindered the pace of growth simply because I could not transition to scale.

Spread Thin

Simply wearing too many hats: creative campaign and pitch development, all new business development and sales, contracting and scoping, billing and administration, researching visa requirements, project management, reporting and analysis, and much more. Given the divergent work activities, the transition to scale was consistently deprioritized.



Case Study


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